Privacy Policy

The Fashion-Chronicles is strongly committed towards providing and protecting the privacy of users as well as visitors while interacting with our products, services and content. At Fashion-Chronicles we want to provide a safe, secure and reliable cyber environment for browsers, visitors and users.

The main purpose of our privacy policy is to inform you that what kind of info we can gather about you when you or any other visitor visit our website, how we can use that info or we will disclose it to others or not and facilities for you to correct the personal info. Our privacy policy in all over the website will allow you to select the type of info and amount of information which you will provide to us as you will have sole control to share you info with us. Our main aim is to provide satisfying experience when we allow you to control your own privacy policy. All the mentioned privacy policy will apply on the website of Fashion-Chronicles not on the other third party websites which are linked with us.

Collection of Information:
All the info collected by you is for the primary use and for us after collecting the info it will easy to analyze the user statics as well as to track the users that how many times they are visiting out website. Depending on the services as well as products, our users visit our website and while doing this we can ask them to provide the personal info such as; name, age, gender, email address, mobile number or more. Purely it will be your choice whether to respond on the request or not or you can say that whether to share the info or not. Sometimes we anonymously collect the info, such as; we can say that today 500 people visit our any particular page but we don’t know their names.
Apart from all that we also collect the personal info to specify the users such as; by their names, email address, postal address, mobile numbers and more, when users provide them to us. We can provide you variety of info to enhance the personalized experience of visitors which will not available for the anonymous users. If we will ask you to sign-up before using the service of products then you need to fill the form with required information’s such as; name, age, address, postal address, mobile numbers however; you will be free to deny the sign-up process, but after that you will not able to access the certain area of websites.
Use of Anonymous Info:
Our website automatically collects all the possible anonymous info as it will be helpful to monitor the use of websites and to enhance the users and visitors experiences. It will also help to determine the frequency of visitors however; collective data will help us to know the geographical location of our users.
Use of Personal Information:
Our production house will only use the personal information if you have chosen to provide us your personal info for the any purpose. Our website will not use your personal info any other purpose or against your consent neither we believe to sale your personal info under any kind of circumstances.  
Choices about Receiving E-mail and Other Notification: 
Our production house can send you the weekly or monthly newsletters on email address which are associated with your email address. The sender can be us or any of the our affiliated companies and they can send the information or any other kind of special offers in which you can interested, if you are not willing to receive the newsletters or special offers than better to unsubscribe. Most of the time we will provide you an opportunity to select and showcase your preference regarding promotional mails and offers. However; this offer will apply only on the promotional emails, as we can find that it is necessary to send you e-mail regarding the special offers and promotion so that you can avail the benefit about price change.  
Protection of Your Personal Information: 
Our production house implements the all appropriate cyber security measures to protect your personal as well as professional information which will include the control and collection of online information. We also suggest you to install the antivirus so that you can protect your account information as well as machine from virus and malware. We request you to take the precaution to protect your personal information on Internet.
Our website will enable you to participate in public services, events, chats, live hangouts and on discussion boards. Before using any of the above mention services kindly go through the discretion while posting your personal data and info. You should know that whenever you will disclose your personal data it can be collect by other clients or websites or organization who are in the same business. Our all services are open for the public and anyone is free to participate in it whereas; we will not able to control the comments which you may receive while participating in these events.
Use of IP Address: 
Most of the time we record your IP addresses to analyze your and other users visit frequency to determine the demographic information and correct the website for better user experience. We never link your IP address with you computer or user ID, however we record your IP address to identify fraudulent credit card use. After that we can share this info with the financial companies or government agencies who have issued the credit card to notified and stop the fraudulent cases.  
Third Party Links and Websites:
On the time of event services our website may contain the link of external websites, but still we make every effort that how the links of other websites will share your high standards of fairness, integrity and decency. All the third party websites are governed by different terms and conditions and they use the different privacy policy which can be substantially different from our terms and condition and privacy policy. On the time of event we encourage our browser and visitors to review our privacy policy that how we are collecting your personal information.  
Cookies Policy:
If you are tech guy so you know the use of cookies as it is the small files or can say that it’s a piece of information which stored on your browser and your computer’s hard drive and when you visit our website twice or thrice than it allow us to know the same. We may use the cookies to collect your personal info about your spend time and total visit on website in any particular period of time. By default your browser is set to accept the cookies, if you don’t prefer to store the cookies on your machine’s hard drive and browser then by visiting the settings of your browser you can refuse cookies, but you should understand that refusal of cookies can stop you to access the same particular areas of websites. 
Changes to this Privacy Statement:
The contents of this statement may be altered at any time, at our discretion.

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